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Colombo 7 Blues

I want a Convertable Beamer,
and I want it now,
Thushani next door's got one,
And she's a fucking cow!

All my friends have cars,
I'm laughed at in the street,
Strolling in my CK Jeans,
And Timberlands on my feet.

A Sri Lankan, is what I am,
I'm proud of who we are,
Rice, is what I eat all day,
With some Beluga Caviar!!

I want to go to Odel
And pick up fake Levi's
I want to go to the Taj sports centre
and get the cellulite off my thighs

If I get hungry I go to Dons
Blueberry cheesecake is what I need
Then I will go to Precious Video
And rent a laserdisc of 'Speed'

Must get Thathi to take me
shopping to Bangkok or Singapore
Otherwise the other Lady Hiltons will
laugh and call me poor

Whenever I am down and out
I look out on the street
Thank God I'm not a beggar
And drink my Bacardi neat.

- c. 1999 by Thambi and Kalu

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