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Life In Sri Lanka

These days in Sri Lanka, is very hard to stay,
Cost of Living very high, and rising everyday,
Children crying, hungry telling, don't know what to do,
Haven't rice, so husband gone to standing in the queue.

Thousand rupees rent is paying, house is very old,
When rain is coming, roof is leaking, very very cold,
When complaint making, landlord tellin' he not caring less,
Husband coming and hartal putting, Hena bloody mess.

Daughter asking money want to buy the mini skirt,
Husband tellin 'Go to Hell' - she only want to flirt,
Asking her to go for job, she never want to go,
She only do making up, and going for the show.

Husband coming after drinking - Katchal in the house,
When haven't money, he is sober - quiet like a mouse,
Not only that, he quietly pulling from the purse,
Twenty rupees slowly taking, and betting on the horse.

Thambi Boutique Mudalali, he is a brick to cheat,
Putting Gadol in the chilli powder, very bad to eat,
Sometimes we are thosai bringing, but is not so good,
That also scared to eat - for having poonac in the food.

Vegetables very dear, even in the Keera cart,
When I'm going to buy beef, butcher putting heart,
Aney what to do child, standing and bargaining,
In queue in blazing sun....... leg is also paining.

Haven't milk, haven't rice, haven't even bread,
So drinking plain tea without sugar, and going to the bed,
When telling husband 'go Down Under' he is telling, what you know,
Leaving Country where you born, why you want to go.

So that is what I'm telling aney, life is very sad,
Everything is hard to get, and coming colour bad,
If husband drink and come today, I'm going to give him bombing,
But what for even talking aney...... laughing also coming.

Yours for the asking......... what for the telling.

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