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English As She Is Speaking
Everyday when papers looki'n, I am very sad,
They are telling - in Sri Lanka - English very bad,
Is this all a humbug mister, sometimes very true,
So I want to tell and give you, exactly what to do.

Olden times when we were children, in the village school,
Pappa tole muss learn the English, otherwise you fool,
Those days teachers taking trouble, tought the English well,
If I do not do the homework, they are playing the hell.

Nowadays have Shermadana, in the sun muss dig,
Other times too much torking, classes very big,
Principal is absent always, teachers putting part,
Boys are taking O/L, but only pass in art.

You must tell our Minister, soon to put a rule,
Give the English Education, nicely in the school,
Then the children will improve, learning very well you see,
Getting jobs and easy money, happy just like me.

Now I am an English teacher, I can now enjoy,
So I am doing better job, than any other boy,
I am engaged to Burgher lady, torking English well,
How to twist and do the Cha Cha, she is going to tell.

Pappa putting sarong only, simply village clerk,
now I am putting trousers and walking in the park,
So I'm telling without English, useless you will be,
Like a buffalow in the village, married to a tree.

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