Air Lanka
After taking pity on the aspirations of the rest of the world and having
gracefully exited the Super Six of the Cricket World Cup, the Sri Lankan
captain was quoted as saying that he would now retire from
representative cricket to concentrate on achieving the impossible dream,
that of
winning the World Marbles Championships in the year 2096. "We will set up a
development committee funded by Sri Lanka's pre-eminent Poor 200,
members of the elite poorest 200 people in the world! My father will be
my unemployed brother the Chairman and I, who expect to be unemployed by
the 3rd of June 1999 will be the Captain" he said. The goal of the
committee is
to ensure that it's members are sufficiently well fed, widely travelled
and entertained to ensure that they make the best decisions in the
interests of Sri lanka's overwhelming desire to be Marbles winners.
"We expect to have a master plan completed by the year 2069,
when my son and daughter will be retiring from their positions in the
Marbles committee
to allow their children take over the reins. We will then commence a
breeding program selecting the most nubile and winsome wenches from the
hintreland of Lanka
to receive my personally frozen sperm and a new generation of
world beaters will be born" he explained. So watch out world, the Sri
will be coming 2096!!!!

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