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Welcome to the alternative side of Colombo.


This magazine is an online outpost for free, uncensored expression concerning Sri Lanka and all things Sri Lankan. It aims to be apolitical, immoral, non-racist, controversial and basically fuck shit up. (Sorry for the loss of eloquence)

Its founding fathers are a bunch of desperadoes, dreamers, drinkers, midnight tokers, free speakers, perverts, environmentalists, rappers, writers, poets, cartoonists and assorted Catholic school girls. (This last one was so that we would get a lot of hits)

We would like to provide a forum for chaotic rambling, exquisite poetry, vehement denials of pretension, and other crap that cannot get published anywhere else.

There is no censorship. There are no deadlines. There are no paycheques.
All there is is the funk.

As the Godfather Hunter S. Thompson said
'When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro
And the going is definitely weird in Sri Lanka .

If you would like to contribute anything - articles, poems, prose, photos, drawings, whatever - then email us.