Stoned Ramblings by Mary Juana
Stoned Ramblings by Mary Juana


Corruption is a part of Sri Lankan culture, filtering its way even into the most
hallowed of educational institutions. One such instance would be the election of
a basely incompetent prefect solely due to the fact that she's a childhood buddy
of members of the prestigious incumbent prefect body in a leading international
school aptly named after the capital of our emerald isle.

Further corruption.

This hallowed institution boasts of having the highest proportion of
matriculants at Oxbridge. This 'may' be due to the fact that the vast majority
of the students have adequate finances to 'ensure' admission into these
prestigious institutions. I hear the going rate for 'anyone' to enter these
colleges is in the region of 10000 pounds sterling.

The 'Nouveau Riche' culture of Colombo.

Where does one spend his 'hard-earned' millions in Colombo?
The answer would be the latest 'in' nightspots in Colombo. And you gotta love some of the people there - Dressed to kill in their deft duds straight from the catwalks of the Pettah market. We just love those FILA turtlenecks - they go so well with your 'Capertillers' and your 'Arm-any' suit. Don't get me wrong. I like the clubs. It's just some people that upset the apple cart. However they do have some outstanding silver linings to that massive dark cloud. They excel in the fine art of sycophancy...kissing each others body gelled derrieres of the nouveau riche of Colombo.

That's all for this week, disgruntled citizens of Mother Lanka.